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Marijuana Delivery Basics

These days, you can order just about anything and have it delivered directly to your door. While Amazon orders, take-out food, online groceries, and even toilet paper can all be brought right to you — in some states now, so can your weed!  Cannabis delivery is a sector of the legal market that has been […]

Cannabis Holidays: What is 420?

cannabis next to a grinder

No matter if you are a connoisseur or a novice, it’s safe to say that the term 420 rings a bell for most. This is because it has become a widely-recognized cannabis holiday in the past decades. Here at Xaler, we proudly offer fast recreational delivery to the residents of West Los Angeles, while also […]

How Does California Marijuana Tax Work?

The Golden State legalized recreational marijuana back in 2016. California has since continued to rapidly advance as one of the leading adult-use states in the industry. Here at Xaler, we realize that keeping up with the ever-changing laws and regulations revolving around the legal cannabis market can be difficult. Continue reading for a full breakdown […]