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Proper Cannabis Dosages

When it comes to cannabis consumption, here at Xaler, we realize it is not ‘one-size-fits-all.’ 

While different strains and methods may produce varying feelings/effects, finding the right cannabis dose can also contribute to your overall cannabis experience. 

Multiple factors play into cannabis dosing. These factors can help users better understand the right amount to consume. 

Additionally, the different methods of cannabis consumption can contribute to determining proper cannabis dosages.

In one of our earlier blogs, we highlighted the many forms of cannabis. Continue reading to learn the standard breakdown of proper cannabis dosages and what to expect from discovering the right dose for you.  


Dosing Cannabis Edibles 

Firstly, today’s legal cannabis market offers a wide range of edibles. When it comes to enjoying edibles, keep in mind that products can often vary in dosages. 

Reading the product’s packaging label can help further determine the best and most comfortable dose for you. 

Ultimately, one’s metabolic rate, function, and tolerance are all a part of determining the correct edible dose.

Even though your tolerance, body chemistry, and the product’s potency are certainly all factors that determine the outcome of your edibles experience, consider these standard dosage recommendations and what to expect: 

  • 1-2.5 mg 


Often marketed as a ‘microdose.’ These cannabis edibles are typically found as a CBD/THC ratio, and are ideal for first time consumers (or those looking for benefits while minimizing any psychoactive effects). 

  • 2.5-15 mg


This cannabis dose range for edibles is the most common option for recreational adult use. Psychoactive effects not felt in smaller doses may occur.  

  • 30-50 mg


This dose is good for consumers with a high tolerance for THC.  Stronger euphoric effects and altered perception/coordination can potentially be some of the effects felt.

  • 50-100 mg


Side effects for this level of dosage may feel unpleasant in some users with a lower THC tolerance. They may include: impaired vision/perception, nausea, pain, and an increased heart rate. 

This is often only for experienced consumers, or patients living with severe medical conditions.

Overall, it is crucial to keep in mind that consuming cannabis edibles can take anywhere up to 30 minutes to 2 hours to fully feel the desired effects. 

One of the most common mistakes new consumers face with edibles is taking too much at once. 

When a user determines effects haven’t been felt and chooses to consume more too soon, it can cause both doses to eventually kick in and risk overconsumption or undesirable effects. 

As a result, it’s important to remember: when it comes to properly dosing cannabis edibles, start slow and low.  


Cannabis Flower Dosages & Sizes 

Next, when purchasing cannabis flower, there are different measurements and sizes often available that can help you to better assess the right amount to smoke. 

A gram is typically the smallest amount of cannabis offered, equal to one-thousandth of a kilogram. 

An eighth is considered one eighth of an ounce, or 3.5 grams of cannabis. This amount is the standard size when purchasing strains at medical or recreational dispensaries. 

Next up is a quarter. This usually weighs in at approximately 7 – 7.0874 grams. 

A half ounce totals at 14 grams, while a full one ounce averages at 28.3 ounces and is known to be the largest measurement of weed to possess and purchase legally. 

Even with these different sizes established, it’s important to remember that exploring the right dosage of flower will be different for everyone. 

Consider these questions or intentions when determining the right amount of weed: 

  • Go slow & low. When inhaling or smoking weed, only take a toke or two before continuing in order to asses how you feel. 


Smoking and vaping has a more immediate onset in comparison to edibles, so you should feel effects within the first few minutes. 

  • Cannabinoids are a biphasic substance – a substance that can reach a turning point of good to undesirable feelings depending on the amount consumed in a period of time. 
  • It is more likely that a certain range of cannabinoids and terpenes will be more suitable and comfortable than others, so explore different strains and ratios when you can


Sativa strains will generally provide a more cerebral, uplifting effect. Indica strains often feel more relaxed and euphoric. 

The variety of consumption methods these days seems unlimited. One of the most important parts of finding the right proper cannabis dosage is listening to your body and the effects experienced in small doses. 


What about Concentrates?

Thirdly, now that we have discussed edibles and flower, it is also important to touch on concentrates as they relate to proper cannabis dosages. 

As their names suggests, ‘concentrates’ are concentrated amounts of extracted cannabis that take many forms such as budder, shatter, wax, etc. 

Because of this, cannabis concentrates are much more potent and faster-acting than flower and edibles, and therefore should be taken with great levels of consideration. 

Starting with smaller dabs and working your way up to your optimal level of comfort is the name of the game here. 


Talking Topicals

Next, we come to topicals – which are lotions/ointments applied directly to the skin in order to help treat various bodily issues. 

Because there is little to no psychoactive effect felt from topicals, these are great for folks who prefer the therapeutic nature of the cannabis plant, but without the buzz. 

Just as with other cannabis products, with topicals be sure to pay attention to the label and take your time in finding out what works for you. 


Tincture Dosages

Tinctures are another great way to get cannabis-based relief for your daily needs. 

According to Healthline: “Many tinctures are made to be taken by mouth, using a dropper to place some liquid on the tongue. Use only the directed dose of a tincture, which varies depending on, among other factors: the tincture’s concentration your gender body size and age.”

Every product/brand is different, so it is crucial to really pay attention to the packaging and label of the tincture before you consume.


Conscious Consumption: Avoiding Discomfort

Finally, unfortunately consuming too much cannabis can sometimes lead to discomfort. But, don’t worry, this can be avoided. 

Whether overconsumption happens in the long or short term, there are potentially undesirable effects that may leave users feeling uncomfortable, paranoid, or disoriented. 

Decreased blood pressure, fatigue, paranoia, and rapid heartbeat are all common signs that you’ve most likely overindulged in your cannabis dosage. 

As we mentioned above, always remember:

  • Start off with a small amount, increasing slowly each time until you’ve found a comfortable dose – especially if you are trying a new cannabis product. 
  • Give yourself time between doses to properly assess the effects. Keep in mind: consuming various types of cannabis products may yield varying results.


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