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Marijuana Delivery Basics

These days, you can order just about anything and have it delivered directly to your door. While Amazon orders, take-out food, online groceries, and even toilet paper can all be brought right to you — in some states now, so can your weed!  Cannabis delivery is a sector of the legal market that has been […]

Proper Cannabis Dosages

When it comes to cannabis consumption, here at Xaler, we realize it is not ‘one-size-fits-all.’  While different strains and methods may produce varying feelings/effects, finding the right cannabis dose can also contribute to your overall cannabis experience.  Multiple factors play into cannabis dosing. These factors can help users better understand the right amount to consume.  […]

Conscious Consumption: Highlighting the Many Forms of Cannabis

With all the multifaceted compounds that make up the incredible cannabis plant, comes the versatile array of potential benefits in regards to its use. Nearly all parts of the plant, as well as the many forms of cannabis products available, are all used differently for particular self-care and wellness purposes.  But even with the various […]

Cannabis Holidays: What is 420?

cannabis next to a grinder

No matter if you are a connoisseur or a novice, it’s safe to say that the term 420 rings a bell for most. This is because it has become a widely-recognized cannabis holiday in the past decades. Here at Xaler, we proudly offer fast recreational delivery to the residents of West Los Angeles, while also […]

How Does California Marijuana Tax Work?

The Golden State legalized recreational marijuana back in 2016. California has since continued to rapidly advance as one of the leading adult-use states in the industry. Here at Xaler, we realize that keeping up with the ever-changing laws and regulations revolving around the legal cannabis market can be difficult. Continue reading for a full breakdown […]

Xaler – Marijuana Delivery in Los Angeles, CA: About Our Brand

happy xaler customer with a bag of xaler cannabis products

Xaler is a cannabis delivery service based in “The Heart of Cannabis Culture”: Los Angeles, California. With a wide collection full of the highest quality cannabis brands and products, Xaler is committed to fast-and-friendly delivery service to all cannabis lovers in the area. From CBD balms and lotions, to flower and concentrates, our fast weed […]