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Marijuana Delivery Basics

These days, you can order just about anything and have it delivered directly to your door. While Amazon orders, take-out food, online groceries, and even toilet paper can all be brought right to you — in some states now, so can your weed!  Cannabis delivery is a sector of the legal market that has been making substantial waves in cannabis culture as of late.  In fact, according to industry reports, 44% of medical marijuana consumers in the country use cannabis delivery services to purchase their medicine. Of the many shifts and changes the cannabis industry experiences regularly, cannabis delivery services are a great way to provide consumers with their cannabis needs straight to their home!  Continue reading to learn exactly how Xaler’s cannabis delivery service works and tips to prepare you for your next marijuana delivery order!    The Legality of West Coast Cannabis Delivery Cannabis delivery services are beginning

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Proper Cannabis Dosages

When it comes to cannabis consumption, here at Xaler, we realize it is not ‘one-size-fits-all.’  While different strains and methods may produce varying feelings/effects, finding

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